075. RUSSELL (Miss H.J.R.) pamphlets [as under] London / Alnwick, 1890’s

Bound in one volume, 8vo, with original wrappers in green cloth, with Presentation inscription to Lord Napier.

  1. The English Claims to the Overlordship of Scotland in connection with the death of Thomas a Becket, L., [reissue from Journal of the British Archaeological Association], 1894
  2. The Name of Glasgow, and the History of Cumbria, British Archaeological Association, 1890
  3. The Aquisition of Lothian by Northumbria. Probably a Suppressed Chapter by Bede, B.A.A., 1891
  4. The Classical and Medieval Use of Fortification of Branches now known as Zareeba, B.A.A.,[1894/5]
  5. Former Lines of Road about Ashieteel, &c., Alnwick [reprinted from the Transactions of the Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club], 1893
  6. Some Scotch Place-Names, Alnwick [B.N.C.], 1894
  7. Some Rock-Cuttings in Northumberland, London, [B.A.A.], 1897